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Heart Rate Addon
Heart Rate Addon
Licence: unlimited
What you get with the Heart Rate Addon:

  • The most accurate way to calculate calories burned is by using a heart rate monitor.
  • Intuitive display of the heart rate zones in the app, ideal for any sports activity.
  • Personalized heart rate zones (resting, warm up, fatburn, cardio, hardcore, maximum)
  • Post – workout in app graph and pie charts (only graph for iPhone)
  • Current and average heart rate during workout; minimum, average and maximum heart rate display in the workout stats
  • Integration with the web site for even deeper data analysis

The Heart Rate Addon provides support for:

- Zephyr HxM *
- Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® *
- ANT + Heart Rate Monitor **
- SmartHRM Monitor Heart Rate Monitor (Bluetooth, for Android)
- SmartHRM Monitor Heart Rate Monitor (Wi-Fi, for iPhone)

IMPORTANT: Heart rate monitor not included

* not available on the iPhone
** available on the iPhone with Fisica dongle. Available on Android phones with ANT+ support

note: Polar H7 is not supported.

After pairing the heart-rate device with your mobile phone, start SportyPal PRO and select the heart icon on the bottom of the main screen. Make sure the device is connected with the application.

Start a new workout from the main menu, and a green heart icon will appear on the top left part of the screen to let you know that your heart rate is measured.

While doing the workout you can check your HR at any time on the screen.

Once you complete your workout, the workout statistics screen will display the minimum, average and maximum heart rate.
After uploading the workout to www.sportypal.com you will also be able to view your heart rate information on the chart alongside your speed, time, and altitude.

How do we calculate the heart rate zones?
We use the Fox and Haskell formula.