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3 months
SportyPal Pro Subscription 3 months
Licence: 93 days
Get 3 months subscription for SportyPal PRO.

Goals feature enables you to set a distance or duration goal for your workouts. You can even set distance and duration as goals on a single workout, challenging yourself to beat both. Or, you can enter the amount of calories you want to burn during the workout and Sportypal PRO will estimate the workout distance and duration based on history data for your average speed.

Tracks feature provides you the ability to create and save tracks from any of your existing workouts or to draw tracks on a map using the Track Editor tool. Once you have tracks, you can compare your workouts performed on the same track, or your achievements against those of your friends or other Sportypals in your neighborhood or city.

Synchronization feature keeps your phone in sync with your
web account. Upload and store completed workout on the web, keep history of your previous exercises and records and automatically synchronize and update your exercise plan.
Automatically synchronization of your Plan from your web account and updating if there is any new workout completed.
Full list of your current plan achievements and the remaining amount of distance/period/time/calories that you have to achieve to successfully complete the plan.
Indoor is for those who wish to log their indoor activities, such as weight lifting, treadmill or any other type of gym exercise. Choose from a list of predefined workout types, define your own types - there is even possibility to mix them.
(Android & iPhone phones only)
Configurable Voice notifications.
Real time voice feedback for your distance & time.
(Android phones only)
These are all the premium functionalities that are available with
SportyPal Pro Subscription as well as all the basic ones from SportyPal Pro:

You can define what to be shown
on the screen. It has all the basic/advanced data such as:

- Elapsed distance & time;
- Current & average speed;
- Pace & ave. pace;
- Monitor your heart rate;
- Calories burned;
- Altitude change;
- Climbing…
Auto-start option:
Automatically starts a count-down
timer for the workout as soon as
the GPS lock is established.
Auto-pause option:
SportyPal will automatically
pause your workout when you
stop moving for a while, and
will automatically resume when
you start moving again.

Standard measurements:
stopwatch, distance, speed, average speed, calories.
Draws elegant graphics
of your performance
Map view and tracking
during the whole workout
Listen music or perform calls without disturbing your workout
Facebook & Twitter sharing feature allows you to post a workout map with all essential stats on your Facebook or Twitter account with
a single click.

The completed workouts can be uploaded to SportyPal.com Registering to SportyPal web application will enable you to have instant access to your workout performance and maps from anywhere. The web application provides additional functionalities and more in-depth data analysis. Users can connect with other Sportypals, create new challenges, find tracks of interest in the SP community, comment on their performance or organize virtual competitions…

All-in-one, COMPLETE motivational tool for keeping track of your workouts.